“Shawn’s direct, common sense approach to parenting is invaluable. The way she defines clear borders at every age is easy to understand and effective. I would recommend this book to all parents, or anyone considering becoming a parent.” —Sandy Price

“This book takes the long view on parenting; the author wrote it for her now-young-adult, sort of as a retrospective on their journey together. By long view, I mean that she talks about the big picture as a lens through which to view the small details of parenting. It made me think about what my goals are for my kids (not unlike hers): to develop into self-sufficient, fabulous young adults. I actually copied down the author's list of 22 attributes she hoped her daughter would have, and shared it with my husband and kids (9 and 11). We agreed with every single one, and they're taped on the wall in our dining room to remind us what we're aiming for.

Her smaller-picture details—the ages/stages stuff that most parenting books cover—are interesting to read, and short enough that overall the book is approachable and easily shareable with a spouse or significant other, or even grandparents and extended family, if you're wanting to share the things that resonate with your parenting approach. I started out folding corners of pages I wanted to share with my husband, and then realized I pretty much just needed him to read the whole book. We're already mostly on the same page about our parenting approach, but the book started several enlightening discussions for us.

The author's tone—inquisitive, forgiving, honest, and very frank—is a lot like her parenting attitude. I'd recommend this book for folks who want to hear the viewpoint of someone who's been down the parenting road before, and now she's looking at it through the rearview mirror with hope in her eyes for the rest of us. She wrote it for her daughter, but really, it's helpful stuff for all parents. And if you don't have kids but work with them, teach them, or care for them, it's still a good reminder of the goals we're all aiming for—raising great young adults.” —Jenny Hannibal

“The Invisible Parenting Handbook will dust the cobwebs off your childhood memories and remind you of what’s most important in raising a child.

Why would a single, 20-something woman, with an insane social calendar, with marriage & kids nowhere in sight, pick up a parenting handbook and read it in one sitting? (No, I didn’t get knocked up!) Maybe it was the title and the intrigue of finally pulling back the curtain on the Invisible Parenting Handbook that so many parents loom over your head for years, or dangle out there as something ‘you’ll only understand once you’re a parent.’

Maybe it was the author: Mama. Not Dr. PhD spouting theories, not Reverend Holier-Than-Thou who I most likely won’t connect with spiritually, and not Psychologist So-And-So explaining why flash cards and 5 languages are important to introduce in the first 6 months. (I only know 2 languages and I turned out fine!) Mama as author gave me that instant feeling of understanding, welcoming, and imparting the sage advice that only a mom can.

She gives it to you straight, no holding back, and tackles head-on the topics that some would shy away from or glaze right over. If it’s uncomfortable to talk about, she dives right in! And that (no matter what the topic) is the type of book I want to read!” —Lacey Hill

"Terrific advice mixed with humor and honesty. Provides a great roadmap for those starting out on the parenting path, and serves as an invaluable resource for each stage of development." —Tom Frankenberg

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